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Our leathers

All our products are made with patience by passionate and demanding artisans, they can last a lifetime if you know how to take care of them. Being a living material, leather evolves, softens and acquires a unique patina over time. At Gran Par we only use full grain leathers, made in such a way that they reveal their grain and their natural characteristics: wrinkles, veins and pores. Far from being imperfections, these characteristics indicate a great "transparency" of the skin, a guarantee of its quality and its good capacity to age. To help you maintain your Gran Par leather item over the years, we invite you to read these usage tips carefully.

Protect it from the elements

Leather is sensitive to natural elements: water, oil, heat, light, excess moisture or dryness. Protect it from prolonged exposure to strong light or heat (direct sunlight, on a radiator, etc.), which will discolor it. In case of contact with water, wipe it off immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth: this will prevent the formation of dry marks.


Let it rest for a while

To retain all its original beauty, your Gran Par leather item needs time to rest. When you are not using it, give it the best storage conditions: dry, in a warm environment and protected from light, preferably in its original box or protective bag. To maintain the original silhouette, we recommend putting our cedar shoe trees.

Cleaning and maintenance (smooth leathers)  

  • First, brush your shoes to remove dirt or dust.


  • Apply a very small amount of cream or wax all over the shoe, this can be a neutral color if you don't want to change the tone of the shoe or you can also use a slightly darker tone if you prefer to create patina effects.


  • Once your cream or wax has rested for at least 5 minutes, brush your shoes to remove the excess.


  • Then you can proceed to apply another layer of wax of the corresponding color or a darker tone to give a little depth to the color; This will give your shoes a lovely shine finish. Apply the wax to your shoes and let the wax sit for a few minutes and brush.

Cleaning and maintenance (suede and nubuck)  

  • First, brush your shoes with a soft bristle brush to remove dirt or dust.

  • To remove stains can use a rubber or crepe suede brush  after you can use an specialized product for cleaning suede or nubuck.


  • Once the cleaner has dried, brush your shoes to restore the leather texture.

  • When they are completely free of dirt and have been thoroughly brushed, a protective spray can be applied. It is important to follow the instructions on the aerosol cans and use only in a well-ventilated environment, spraying at a distance of 8 ”- 10 ”(20cm - 30cm) from the suede. Let it dry for 10 minutes and then brush with a clean brush.

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